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Skaii D Limit

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Crystal Francis more popularly known as Skaii D Limit is a Jamaican singer/songwriter.

As a child, she discovered her passion for singing, sang lead in choirs, school events, competitions and other various outlets throughout her school years where she left her mark. She then went on to pursue it wholeheartedly by attending the edna Manley college of the visual and performing arts where she studied music. 
Her career started solely as a performer doing mini tours and instagram videos in which she gained recognition. 
She is featured on a song called “ill nana” (in oct 2020) with popular artist Leftside. She released her first single and video called “TAKE ME” (2021) produced by youngstar entertainment and is now on to releasing new music. 
She is now set to create her impact on the world

Skaii D Limit

Skaii D Limit

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